One API - Multiple engagement channels

Progress through marketing cycles and service roadmaps. The Opari platform opens multiple engagement channels. Cloud-based and multi-regional, opari delivers low latency transaction processing, at scale.

Opari’s digital commerce platform

Opari in 1 minute

Marketing tactics for mobile growth

Increase AwarenessGrow brand notoriety by enticing your audience to engage with your content
  • / / Gift 100MB of mobile data for watching your video
  • / / Make your mobile content free of data charge to your audience
  • / / Reward with airtime for filing a survey
Accelerate ConversionReduce friction to usage and increase time spend on app with sponsored data for a free of charge access
  • / / Give 300MB of data for downloading an application
  • / / Give 1G for subscribing to your service
  • / / Reward with airtime for referring a friend
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Elevate EngagementEnhance app usage and time spend on app for customer with sponsored data for a free of charge access
  • / / Give 1GB to new users. This data could only be used on your application
  • / / Make your mobile banking app free of data charge to users
  • / / Enables users to give each other data, which can only be used for your application
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Build loyaltyOffer better user experience and value. Enable users to redeem loyalty points with digital currency such as data or airtime
  • / / Frequent travelers can redeem their loyalty points for mobile data
  • / / Give 1GB of data for each 2nd night booked in your hotel
  • / / Make your mobile banking app free of data charge to users who buy a annual subscription
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Who benefits

Apps and Marketers

Opari helps mobile and digital marketers achieve their business objectives with a wide array of marketing tactics. Acquire new users, increase conversion, build loyalty with airtime and data as a reward currency. Increase mobile engagement, impressions and sales, by making your app free of data charge to your users. All that with a simple API integration.

Mobile Operators

Increase revenues with Opari’s digital commerce platform. We create new sales channel and bring an ecosystem of apps and marketers who want to engage mobile subscribers with mobile connectivity rewards and sponsorship. Data and airtime are charged to Opari at agreed rates. Opari’s network interface requires no system integration on the part of the mobile operators.

We use existing service API when available, and a unique cloud-based policy engine for mobile data. Joining Opari’s digital commerce platform comes at no cost, or technology risk, and can be done in a matter of days.

Mobile Advertisers

Run campaigns with some of the most powerful mobile reward currencies. We know you’re always looking for ways to maximize your campaigns’ KPI and ROI. We provide you with a complete range of tools to help you refine your mobile tactics. Join opari’s digital commerce platform to improve all your major key performance indicators such as time spent on app and conversion rate.

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